Customs Clearance


As an importer, wholesaler, retailer and/or an entrepreneur with business and brands across all continents – there’s always so much things to do with so little time, as often as it could be. ALALAMIA ALOULA Services for Companies and Public Entities offers tailored-fit services to meet your clearance and onward-forwarding needs. We even extend our services to courier companies with regular shipments and private citizens with occasional overseas purchase, whether consignments arrive by air or sea; in bags or cartons, in pallets or in containers.


ALALAMIA ALOULA specializes in anti-fraud fundamentals as there are massive penalties for making false declarations. It could take an inexperienced staff excruciating hours to complete the procedure whereas ALALAMIA ALOULA possibly clear out shipments on the exact date of its arrival with full paperwork documentation.


We also provide insights in line with importation, taxation and other procedures within cost-efficient and time-bound professionalism. We get things done – fast.


ALALAMIA ALOULA will surely, safely and securely clear your goods and moves them to your preferred destinations around Libya.